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Research Initiative

Shades of Belonging: Exploring Religious Identity and Sense of Belonging Among Jewish Adoptees of Color

This research project will utilize qualitative and quantitative data to gain insight on the experiences of Jews of Color (JOC) adoptees and their racialized Jewish identity formation. This research, conducted in partnership with other Jewish organizations, is designed through the lens of Critical Race Theory. The data collected from this research will work to expand our understanding of transracial adoption and racial equity. See if you are eligible to participate in this study: 

Research Timeline


Gathering Data from JOC Adoptees

In collaboration with the funders and other supportive Jewish and Adoptee organizations, the researcher distributed the survey in Fall '23 into Winter '24 to capture insights from JOC Adoptees nationwide.


Hosting 1:1 Interviews

Thirty survey respondents are selected at random to participate in an hour long 1:1 interview with the researcher. in Winter '24. Participants were randomly selected from a diverse list of volunteers.


Shades of Belonging Festival May 5, 2024

The research concludes with a community festival in Spring '24 to celebrate and uplift the experiences of Jews of Color; particularly as they relate to adoption. Hosted at the beautiful Skirball Cultural Center in LA, this will be a multi-faceted event intended to build community among Jewish adoptees, Jewish people of color, their families, and allies.


Data Analysis & Publishing

The researcher will analyze the survey and interview data and insights during Spring '24. To make the results transparent to the JOC Adoptee community, an initial report of the key findings will be shared on this website before submitting to journals for publication.

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