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Local Political & Organizational Support for Shades of Belonging

Updated: May 3

We are proud to announce the final list of sponsors, featured artists and politicians attending the Shades of Belonging Community Festival.

Distinguished Politicians in Attendance

We are honored to host the following distinguished politicians to plan to attend the Shades of Belonging Community Festival:

  • Los Angeles City Attorney Hydee Feldstein Soto

  • Councilman Bob Blumenfield

  • Field Deputy to California Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel

  • Field Deputy to Los Angeles County Board of Supervisor Lindsey Horvath

Featured Artists

The Shades of Belonging Community Festival is celebrating the experiences and expressions of Jews of Color and Jewish adoptees of color. Here are our featured artists:


The Shades of Belonging Community Festival would not be possible without the gracious support of our sponsors. Please take the time to learn about the unique contributions each sponsor makes to our rich and diverse Jewish community.

Research Sponsors

Tikkun Olam Sponsors

Mensch Sponsor

Mitzvah Community Sponsors

Community Contributors

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